Sorbus randaiensis (Hayata) Koidz.

Description: Small tree with erect branches; with snowy white flowers, and bright red/orange berries.

Height: 3-8m m

Diameter: 0.2 m

Leaves: pinnately compound; up to 17 cm long. 15-19 stalkless, oblong lanceolate leaflets 2.5-4 cm long; no more than 12mm wide; long-tapered; sharply-toothed. Bright green above, grey beneath; turning orange/red in autumn.

Fruit: 6-7 mm in diameter; bright red/orange skin; many, in clusters carried well clear of the foliage, maturing in autumn.

Range: Mountains of Taiwan, at 3000-4000m

A handsome ornamental, closely related to Sorbus commixta, its showy fruit persists into winter.

Information: Griffiths (1994), Bean IV (1989)

Source: Crûg Farm, North Wales.

Purchased: 2002.05.31, one specimen raised from seed, collectors' reference BSWJ3203; just under 1m high.

Planted: 2002.06.08 west edge of Manor House shelter belt, south of the other six Asian Sorbus.

Progress: Not rushing away - just about 1m at 2004.09.27

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