NPC Journal 3(3), 1982, p 46

Lost Pot - description

A steep descent into the shakehole leads to the water sink and immature short streamway on the left. Staright on is a stepped descent to the first dig (now closed). A 30 ft. climb down dig brings one to a nice aven chamber, the way on being a short low crawl back underneath and left. This drops straight onto the rift and 2nd dig, a 25 ft. climb. At the foot is the infamous slope of cobbles leading directly to the 90 ft. shaft. (The shaft itself is probably now safe to descend). The cobble slope is held back by the beginnings of a wall, and below this is a sound? scaffold platform. The problem lies now at the top of the slope where a 5 ft. wall of fill is 'peeling' back. The original level of the slope is marked by shoring left 'high and dry' after the collapse. After the initial 15 ft. drop onto the scaffold platform, the remainder of the shaft can be rigged from the far side in a relatively sound position. (This may make the pitch 30 ft. longer to include the climb at the pitch foot).

Below this fine pitch, a wet aven is soon met where one is presented with a choice of three routes, (section A-A). The most attractive is the large roof passage which has mostly a boulder floor, interspaced with traverses across drops into the deep trench below. At the far end, a slope of boulders leads to the base of an aven and a way down to the head of the 75 ft. pitch. A continuation of the roof passage can be entered by a climb of 30 ft. However, this is soon blocked solidly with calcite and mud.

The other routes from the wet aven soon join up and descend steeply, following the joint in a very deep trench to where a low way has been cut on the right, (section B-B). This leads directly to the 75 ft. shaft, but with most of the water shortcutting down a tiny hole on the right. The base of this fine shaft is known ground. Unmarked on the Leck Fell survey are two wide, low beddings, not quite full with silt, which would be easy to dig. Both draught slightly and are heading in odd directions. The water sinking at the bottom of the 75 ft. was tested to the inlet just below the climbs towards Lyle Cavern.


Pitch 1 15 ft, and possibly 100 ft.
(bolt needed for belay)
275 ft., 20 ft, tether.
Lifelines as required.

We would be grateful if any tackle belonging to the N.P.C. is brought out and returned to us at Greenclose or the New Inn, Clapham, should anyone venture to go down.

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